About Us

A guesthouse with 100 years of tradition.

»My first youth was nice and I’m still happy that I spent it in a village in Bela Krajina, among upbeat and smart people who kept singing, dancing and laughing even during hard times,” said Oton Župančič, a Slovenian poet, to pay tribute to his fellow countrymen and his native region. He is tightly connected to the house in Dragatuš, where the guesthouse Župančičev Hram is today.

In the past there was a straw-covered brick house here and in it, besides the residence, there was also a restaurant and a shop, run by Oton’s parents. The poet spent his childhood years in it.  In 1892 the homestead was bought by Marija and Jožef Štefanič, who had returned from America and continued the business with the restaurant and shop. Later it was taken over by their son Franc. In 1944 the war severed the ties of the family restaurant business.

Thirty years later it was renovated again by Rina and Rajko Štefanič. They opened a bar and after two successful years, they turned it into the guesthouse Župančičev Hram and arranged a memorial room for Župančič in it. Later we opened a shop, expanded the culinary and tourist offer, set up the accommodation and built two tennis courts. We, Meta and Marko, have inherited the business from our parents and we proudly continue the family tradition.


We are expecting you in a friendly village in Bela Krajina, in the heart of a beautiful countryside, where the rich natural and cultural heritage is intertwined with the hospitality of the natives. You are warmly invited! We will be happy to see you.